Photo History

Alvin Valentierra "I'm Good Alvino" is a New York City based portrait, urban landscape, and product photographer with an attraction to bright lights and color. Alvin is best known for his colorful take on New York City's vast landscape. Alvin is self taught and draws inspiration from his environment and everyday life. Since departing from his previous career in real estate to pursue the art of photography, Alvin has taken over 6,000 pictures and has worked with various clients ranging from the publication, restaurant, and automotive industries.

Available for commissioned assignments upon request. 


Google, The Huffington Post, VS Magazine, Audi, Toyota, Heermance Farm, Vint & York, Popularity Products, Staysmart NYC, William Gottlieb Real Estate, Style de Rue, The Bolivian Llama Party, Namic, W.I.C.T, and more


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